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Story / Corporate 13 Feb 2017

Meet the grads - Elline Camillet

What attracted you to apply for the Sydney Water Graduate Program?

As a Co-Op scholar from UNSW, I had the opportunity to work for Sydney Water twice as an undergraduate. Both placements have reinforced what I’ve always thought was an important role of Sydney Water to our community, and showed me all the challenges and interesting work I could delve into within the water space. Since I’ve always wanted to do something meaningful and add value to society as an engineer, I thought Sydney Water’s graduate program would be a great stepping stone into doing just that.

What’s the best part about working for Sydney Water?

The people I work with and their sincere willingness to help graduates develop, both personally and professionally would be the best part about working for Sydney Water in my opinion. As an early career professional, it helps knowing there is a wealth of knowledge and experience around me that I can tap into when required. I also feel encouraged to provide input where I can and pursue my interests and professional development activities outside of my core work such as volunteering for professional organisations and participating in corporate wide initiatives.

What’s been your proudest moment at Sydney Water?

Winning the WaterAid’s Water Innovators Challenge last year was a proud moment for me. Working with Sydney Water staff of varying expertise to develop a solution to a real hygiene challenge in Cambodia has been a great learning experience. I have had the opportunity to exercise my leadership skills, pitch our team’s ideas to internal and external groups, and most importantly built great networks within Sydney Water in the process.

Have you worked in the one team/one role or moved about? Where have you worked?

I have worked in four different teams since joining Sydney Water as an undergraduate intern. My placements so far have been with Cronulla Wastewater Treatment Plant, Networks Corrosion and Odour Program, Transformation and more recently Delivery Management.

What about the future of Sydney Water that excites you most?

Our transition into being a customer-centric organisation excites me a lot. I am proud of our heritage of providing excellent services to Sydney, and I‘d like to see this continue so that apart from being confident about our reliability, our customers also feel valued, understood and are happy to partner with Sydney Water. I am also excited about Sydney Water’s transition in terms of adapting our ways of working to keep up with our technology driven society. I look forward to seeing how we make data driven decisions in the future, work collaboratively in remote locations and actively encouraging inter-generational teams that work across multiple divisions to rapidly develop and prototype solutions.

What’s something you want to achieve or accomplish this year?

I intend to gain more skills on Project Management this year as a graduate in Delivery Management. Sydney’s imminent growth is very exciting, and Sydney Water is a key player on making sure that we have the infrastructure to continue providing the level of service we give to our current and future customers. This year’s focus for me is to hone my project management skills further in making sure that our infrastructure projects are delivered on time and within budget, developing a sense for the risks and opportunities surrounding my projects, and working to make sure that all stakeholders are satisfied and happy to work again with us in the future.

How do you balance your career and other commitments?

Sydney Water has been very supportive of my professional development from day 1 and this has certainly helped me pursue my passion in other areas, for example by volunteering as a committee member in the Australian Water Association and Engineers Australia’s Women in Engineering group. While I actively commit to these other roles, I make sure that I manage my time well so that my output at work is not compromised. I honour my commitments at work and see to it that I do what I say I will, which often means putting in the hours outside of work for my other volunteering engagements. The fact that many in Sydney Water share the same passion has helped me build networks and make friends with my colleagues outside of our work.

What advice would you give to people who want to or are considering applying to Sydney Water’s Graduate Program?

If you want a role within the water industry that challenges you, and gives you a range of options as to where you can direct your career, then Sydney Water’s graduate program is a good way of doing this. My advice with your application is to pay attention to the details of it, never underplay the skills you can offer from your past experiences (work or otherwise) and most importantly be authentic and make sure that your application reflects your personal brand!