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Story / Leaks & Breaks 23 Jun 2015

Apology to customers in the Abbotsford area

Sydney Water sincerely apologises to residents in the Abbotsford, Russell Lea, Wareemba, Five Dock and Chiswick area who have been affected by multiple water outages over the past three days.

We understand the inconvenience these outages have caused and will be providing those affected with a rebate on their next bill.

When crews attended the first broken main on Sunday they were confronted with a far more difficult repair than first anticipated.

Unfortunately the issues faced during the repair on Sunday evening pushed completion of the work back to early Monday morning.

Following a second break Monday evening Sydney Water has undertaken a thorough investigation of the water network in the area.

These investigations have identified that random changes in pressure may have been the cause for each of these breaks.

Crews are currently working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue and restore water to the area.

While we are confident that the cause of the breaks has been identified and fixed we will need to closely monitor the network to confirm the problem has been resolved.

Increased crews and technical experts will remain in the area over the coming 24 hours to monitor the performance of the network and deal with any issues should they arise. 

If customers require any assistance during this time we encourage them to call 132090.

Customers can also check on the status of Sydney Water works in their area by visiting the water supply and service updates on our website,

Again, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.                                    

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