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Story / Water & Wastewater 14 Dec 2016

ACCC takes court action on 'flushable' wipes

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court against two major wipes manufacturers alleging that they each made false or misleading representations in relation to 'flushable' wipes they marketed and supplied in Australia. 

Sydney Water supports the milestone announcement by the ACCC today that they will take court action on flushable wipes -

Sydney Water has been a leader on this issue for the past 18 months through our ‘keep wipes out of the pipes’ education program and we have strongly advocated that only the three P’s should be flushed down the toilet - Pee, Poo and (toilet) Paper.

This position is supported by more than 300 utilities and NGO’s from over 20 countries across the globe -

We again thank the media for their support to get the ‘keep wipes out of the pipes’ message out to the general public and we thank our customers who have actively supported the program.

We keenly observe the outcome of today’s announcement.