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Story / Water & Wastewater 20 Dec 2016

Big Bash success on Sydney Water

The Big Bash League season 2015-16 provided success to both the Thunder's BBL and WBBL teams.

As the Hydration Partner of Cricket NSW, the Sydney Thunder and Sydney Sixers, Sydney Water has showcased Sydney’s tap water as the most affordable and sustainable choice for Sydneysiders and sportspeople alike.

The Sixers and Thunder men's and women's Big Bash players consumed 4721 litres of water as a part of their training and match day programs across the 2015-16 season.

The partnership with Sydney Water meant that by substituting sugary sports drinks with Sydney tap water, the players, based on their reported water consumption for the season, consumed 70,000 less teaspoons of sugar by drinking water. (Each 600ml bottle of sports drink contains around 9 teaspoons of sugar).

To burn off these 70,000 teaspoons of sugar would require the equivalent of one person walking over 28,000kms – which is about twice the distance around Australia!  

Further good health news was that BBL fans took advantage of the free Sydney Water refill stations at home matches across the season and they too consumed a similar amount of water as the players, meaning that the fans consumed around 70,000 less teaspoons of sugar while watching the games.

Fans were able to save money by accessing complimentary water refill stations provided by Sydney Water at BBL venues.

As well as the reduction in sugar consumed, 15,000 plastic bottles didn't enter the waste stream, where they take over 1,000 years to biodegrade. Almost 15,000 kilowatt hours of energy and over 23,000 litres of water was saved in not manufacturing these 15,000 plastic bottles.